Censorship ALERT! This viral thread explaining BCH, ETH and Dash's privacy was REMOVED by pro-monero r/dashpay mods! They really DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!

Censorship alert: This thread was originally posted on dashpay. In what appears to be proof that my allegations of manipulation and infiltration by the monero community of the dashpay subreddit were correct, this thread was REMOVED from a dash sub. The question remains why are they censoring this information?
PROOF the thread was removed here:
EDIT: Censorship alert - This thread was removed from cryptotechnology. Deleted thread here
Also, the thread no longer shows up on the front page of ethereum; however, it is still visible here:
Also, in a surprising and sad turn, the thread was deleted from pivx and I was banned for 2 weeks in an act of censorship. That thread was here:
EDIT 2: As usual this thread is being heavily downvote-brigaded, most likely by the Monero community whose privacy I call out for being exposed as ineffective, especially next to Dash's solid 5-year track record of proven effective privacy with PrivateSend
EDIT 3: Censorship alert, it appears the Monero community has shadow deleted the corresponding thread
EDIT 4: I have been permabanned from dashpay because I pointed out the hypocrisy of u/flenst here the moderator basilpop used that as an excuse to gaslight me and permaban me.
I'll still post at dashcrypto and DashUncensored as long as I'm able however. Its amazing you can actually witness the censorship in real time. The monero community must be very desperate to risk such a move as this in broad daylight. Now they have exposed the extent of their control over the moderators here.
This is a VERY BULLISH SIGNAL FOR DASH BTW! It means I was correct in my assessment here months ago. TL;DR of that thread is that the final boss for Dash before we can really break out, is going to be dealing with all the individuals that have undisclosed conflicts of interest in our community. Its nothing to be mad about, all markets start like this with no social regulation of behavior until norms are established. That means that in the future guys like Basilpop will have to go though.

TL;DR As other community thoughtleaders like Jonald_Fyookball, Roger Ver, BCH devs et. al and those like Vitalik Buterin are realizing, Coinjoin is the best privacy method for blockchains. Dash has the best implementation of Coinjoin in PrivateSend with several protocol level-features that means that no other coin including Monero can provide the same level of security, speed, and strength of privacy by anon set size that Dash can. End TL;DR

Begin Post

In this viral post I link to prominent thought leader Emin Gün Sirer calling out Monero for its weak privacy and susceptibility to tracing attacks.
Vitalik Buterin Proposes Privacy Solution for Ethereum (ETH) Transactions
First Bitcoin Cash with Cash shuffle and now ETH seek to add optional privacy. There are several important takeaways from this information that have not yet been highlighted.
1 - Dash has basically won the privacy coin wars while being focused on other things. With a simple protocol upgrade dash increased its anon set size more than leading coins ZCash and PIVX with minimal side effects, unlike those chains which had to sacrifice some things like supply audit proof. Monero's privacy has been shown to have always been broken, and recently by a former monero developer it was stated to not work at all:
fireice_uk stated in his article, there's really no way to fix it.
I didn't say that. I think it can be fixed, however as is, Monero's (and all other cryptonotes') privacy is not fit for purpose.
The privacy coin wars began in 2014 with the release of Dash and soon subsequent release of Monero. Two years later, PIVX and ZEC family would join the mix. The Monero community being very aggressive, they launched an all-out FUD war on us. They had chosen a different strategy to privacy, one that would lead them to making their blockchain opaque. And now, as the PIVX, Monero, ZCash, ETH and BCH are forced to begrudingly acknowledge, Dash was right and did privacy right all along.
It might sound like bragging but its not: Its important to recognize both what you are doing right so you can do more of it, and also what you're doing wrong so you can avoid it. A lot of our trolls and competition want to concern troll us into only focusing on the things we do wrong, so that we panic and do self-destructive 'corrective' measures.
The best way to prevent that is to have a balanced look at what we're doing both good and bad. And the fact that PIVX and ZCoin had to shut off their privacy, ZCash would've but they fixed and updated the same issue with their sapling upgrade, and Monero has had the same inflation bugs and much, traceability1 2 3 proves that Dash's on-chain, optional obfuscation was the best and strongest of the privacy options.
The researchers also found a second problem in Monero's untraceability system tied to the timing of transactions. In any mix of one real coin and a set of fake coins bundled up in a transaction, the real one is very likely to have been the most recent coin to have moved prior to that transaction.
Before a recent change from Monero's developers, that timing analysis correctly identified the real coin more than 90 percent of the time, virtually nullifying Monero's privacy safeguards. After that change to how Monero chooses its mixins, that trick now can spot the real coin just 45 percent of the time—but still narrows down the real coin to about two possibilities, far fewer than most Monero users would like.
  2. Tracing Cryptonote ring signatures using external metadata
  3. Newly added - FloodXMR: Low-cost transaction flooding attack with Monero’s bulletproof protocol*
2 - The second big takeaway from this is that Dash was right to incentivize the masternode layer, because of that we can do our privacy the best out of all the coins that are using coinJoin methods, which is the best privacy method! That makes us the best of the best! Now you know why so many people concern troll about 'maybe we should remove privateSend guys'.
In a viral tweet, Vitalik Buterin recently stated in his latest criticism of XMR privacy protocol the following:
Vitalik Buterin Eyes Research on Privacy Coin Monero’s Traceability
Privacy schemes where the anonymity set of a single transaction is smaller than the entire set of users of the scheme are looking weaker and weaker with every passing month...Vitalik Non-giver of Ether
Emin Gün Sirer 認証済みアカウント
@el33th4xor Interesting attack on Monero traceability. Essentially, the attacker floods the network with his own transactions, and is able to remove them from the mixins later to identify other inputs. Costs only $1.5k for a year long attack.
12:34 - 2019年5月10日
Which shows that I was correct in the thread I linked below: Anonymity set size is the most important metric to measure privacy coins by. Which means all the hemming and hawing from the Monero community, trying to get that thread deleted, having me banned, calling me 'delusional' etc., is because they wanted to hide that information from everyone. Why? Because until Bitcoin Cash came along earlier this year Feb-March with CashShuffle, Monero had the smallest anonymity set of all the privacy coins and they didn't want anyone to know this information!
Indeed, Vitalik explained it exactly the same way I did:
In a follow-up email with CoinDesk, Buterin explained,
“Anonymity set is cryptography speak for ‘set of users that this thing could have come from.’ For example if I sent you 1 ETH and you can’t tell who exactly it was from but you can tell that it came from (myself, Alice, Bob or Charlie), then the anonymity set has size 4. The bigger the anonymity set the more privacy you have.
The main thrust of my thread from more than half a year ago linked below:
So with no further ado, here is your simple guide to evaluating privacy coins! Like daily tx throughput is a key metric of btc/blockchain adoption and usage, privacy coins have their own 'key metric' to determine their ability to hide your tx history: the size of their anonymity set.
This is basically the number of other people with which your transaction is plausibly 'mixed' so at to sever the link between your address and that coin. The greater this number is, the more difficult it is to associate a coin with your address, thus making it more private.
So we have Vitalik Buterin of ETH-fame agreeing with my description of privacy coins on how to make them strongeweaker and what makes them valuable as privacy coins. So how does the super-privacy concerned and anonymity-oriented Monero community react to this information? Not like you'd expect;
A core team member says here in response:
[–]SamsungGalaxyPlayerKarma CC: 3278 XMR: 9323
26 ポイント 8ヶ月前
Commenting here for the record:
This is a delusional, meaningless comparison that ignores a significant amount of context. So much information is incorrect here that I strongly encourage any potential reader to use any other resource. [tta21: Emphasis and italics added]
Another clear member of the Monero community confers:
[–]wecando4star2 - 3 years account age. 300 - 1000 comment karma.
12 ポイント 8ヶ月前
This guy should be banned from the sub.
Not only is he posting an unfair, pointless, junk and recycled an article, but is then making claims that his post was "downvote brigaded by XMR maximalists"
This whole post is nothing but a propaganda piece, usually people should be allowed freedom to post their thoughts but this guy is clearly vested with other pecuniary interests and is launching a propaganda campaign and using this sub to fuel his campaign. He is also using the downvote he gets to cash the Monero community in a bad light.
So imo that is clearly against the no manipulation rule. [tta21: Emphasis and italics added]
Wow, but as you can see from Vitalik's post, and from Emin Gur Sirer's post as well, that Monero's weakness is its small anonymity set, and the greater this number is the stronger its privacy. Why therefore are so many member of the Monero community coming out so aggressively against that information (see the thread to read more)?
Before that thread, nobody except Amanda B. Johnson (and I only found out about her videos talking about monero's smaller anon set about a year after I started posting about it, in a more obscure video she did) and more 'esoteric' community figures were talking about the anonymity set size of privacy coins.
Everyone used to argue that "Monero is the king of privacy because it uses encryption!" also, "PIVX is better than Dash because it uses encryption." When in fact, Dash had a much larger anonymity set than all of those coins for a long time (PIVX until recently and then it flipped again with Dash in the lead).
This means that Coinjoin is obviously the best all-around privacy solution if you want an auditable supply with strong privacy, and Dash's PrivateSend builds on that to rise to be better than any other offering on a non-Masternode chain.
Dash has 16 rounds of mixing with an anon set size in the tens of thousands to millions (it grows as more people use it) compared to Monero with an anonymity set size of only 11, and BCH of 5. Monero's anon set used to be only 3. Then it was 5, then 7. Now they recently bumped it to 11, but it was always really low when it had the most usage on darknets. See this thread I wrote on comparing privacy coins by their anonymity sets for a better breakdown.
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05-24 10:23 - 'that is straight up false and its been profitable multiple times you have zero clue wtf ur talking about.... sorry to be a dick but you don't even need to use google to understand it can be profitable... / ​ / 1...' by /u/tittyfart420 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 3-13min

that is straight up false and its been profitable multiple times you have zero clue wtf ur talking about.... sorry to be a dick but you don't even need to use google to understand it can be profitable...

  1. send 100 xxx to exchange (or darknet vendor) & send 100 xxx to address you control, wait for reorganization of chain
  2. short the market of double spent coin
Context Link
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: tittyfart420
1: *oin*eleg*a*h.c*m/*ews/co***ase-ethereu***lassi*-double-spendi*g-i***lved-more***an-11*mi**i*n-in*c*ypto 2: *oint*l*g*a**.co**news/co*nbas*-et*ereum-**a*sic-do*ble-spending**nvol*ed*mo***th*n-11*mi*l**n-in-crypto]^^1
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DNS Is Back - Darknet Design Services, Hosting, & e-Commerce Development. Start your own darknet site today.

Hello everyone! DNS is back!
Well, we never really left, but have been busy on a separate project we'll be announcing at the beginning of the new year.
With work tapering down on the project we've decided to re-announce our return to darknet design & development services.

Darknet Site Design Service

Some of our past sites that were popular include Cat Fact 1.0 and 2.0, DPRK Darknet Market, Project Genesis, as well as several vendor sites.
We don't just upload a stock script, set it up, and call it a day - we offer custom design and development for your site to appear and function exactly as you want.
Of course we can also offer stock scripts, if clients prefer, and modify it to be able to use on the darknet since many stock scripts don't work properly (or securely) on the darknet.

Stock Scripts

Just a few of the stock scripts we already have modified to work on the darknet are:

Custom Scripts

Along with custom built scripts to emulate the designed of the functions of clearnet sites, such as :

Custom Front-End Framework

Front End Framework is the code called css that defines the site style and appearance that the users see on their browsers.
For custom sites, we are not limited to custom HTML but rather have a selection of frameworks we can use to make the site appear beautiful and run great with minimal CSS (in most cases).
Just some of the options for the framework (the code that determines how the site appears to users):


We do not offer hosting upfront as a stand-alone package, but do offer hosting for any sites that are built. Our reasoning is that if one knows enough to configure their own server for Tor, they should set up their own server and manage it - offering users access to our servers in the past caused several issues, and it’s not something we’re going to spend time on this go around.
The majority was not malicious users, but rather users that set incorrect configurations which we’d often have to spend hours to locate and fix, since most users failed to backup their servers and a simple rollback was not permitted without potentially losing customer data.
So, instead of hosting packages of different types, we’re just offering standard fees for hosting on the server. Instead of using a series on small, medium, and large servers (simplified but based on server resources) we just have one big server running a VM instance for each clients site.
So, for hosting a site that was designed by us, we have defined the price by the type of site that is hosted.
Site Type Size PHP SQL 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 1 Year
Basic 32mb YES NO $1.00 $2.50 $4.00 $6.00
Novelty 512mb YES YES $3.00 $8.00 $12.00 $20.00
Forum 2gb YES YES $8.00 $20.00 $30.00 $50.00
Vendor 4gb YES YES $10.00 $25.00 $40.00 $60.00
Market 25gb YES YES $100.00 $250.00 $400.00 $600.00
We’ve tried to make the price low enough so that even the most basic of vendors or individuals starting our can have their own site. If you still can’t afford it, just contact us and we’ll work something out. We also offer custom onion sites that we can generate and use for your site. Below are the prices for generating them. This is a one time fee, although there is an additional fee for adding more than 1 onion site to your account as a separate site or mirror. Additional Onion Sites:
Custom Characters Time Needed Price
4 <1 Minute FREE
5 5 Minute $5.00
6 30 Minutes $10.00
7 2 Hours $20.00
8 1 Day $50.00
9 3 Days $100.00
10 1 Week $250.00
Each clients site is jailed to it’s own VM and network, and communicates through a WHOINX server meaning that the clients VM can only access TOR through the WHOINX server - it is not connected physically to the internet in any way.
This way if the front end server has problems due to malicious behavior, only the front end will be shut down and taken offline - the clients files on the backend server will never be compromised. This also prevents a large number of web based attacks to unobscure the servers information and location.

Design & Development Prices

Each site has it’s own unique requirements, and as such as can only give estimates. For some the estimate may be more, others it may be cheaper than the actual price. For instance, our basic sites are set at $25, but if you only want a landing page with your email and PGP key the actual price will be closer to $10. On the other hand, if you want a 200 page reference site that can fit within 10mb the actual price will be closer to $50. So, with that in mind, here are estimates for just a few of the site types we can offer:
A few notes.


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PM On Reddit [email protected] Bitmessage: BM-NBM3N8cVucFzaBXHSco1Lf8CE9BRV5Y3
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As we speak, cryptocurrency is experiencing a kind of cultural revolution

The blockchain, "an interesting organism" Vitalik, then 17, initially rejected the idea, before doing his own research on virtual currency. Soon, he wrote articles - paid in bitcoins - while studying computer science at the University of Waterloo in Canada, which eventually led him to co-found Bitcoin Magazine. In 2011, bitcoin was considered a technology so radical that many were convinced that governments would ban it, denouncing the black market that could flourish through this system. However, bitcoin survived, until it managed to negotiate at $ 19,000 stratospheric level at Christmas, despite the ensuing crash.
"For simplicity, a blockchain is a large distributed accounting register, stored on thousands of computers"
The blockchain is "an interesting organization, a new kind", says Vitalik Buterin after having walked with me the floor of the living room to cross the open space to a wooden dining table. It's an understatement, I say to myself. For simplicity, a blockchain is a large distributed accounting register, stored on thousands of computers. Thanks to the dispersion of these recordings and their security via Byzantine mathematical tools of cryptography, the blockchain is more difficult to forge than the traditional databases. Centralized pandora boxes, like your brain, are at risk of loss - and vulnerable to attack, as Equifax found from piracy of its client files. On the other hand,
Ethereum culture Vitalik Buterin's stroke of genius is to have perceived the potential behind the creation of his own blockchain, Ethereum, on which other companies of all types could rely, from payment services to games. The project quickly came to life, and everyone began to insist on the possibility of relying on this technology, from scientists to banks to entrepreneurs. At 19, Vitalik Buterin left the university to concentrate on the management of Ethereum.
We will sit down; after some awkward hesitation, he bends his bone frame in a chair. We procrastinate on food. I suggest tacos or pizzas. His associate, Thomas Greco, a developer who says he has worked with Vitalik Buterin for years, suggests Thai. Before I had time to find a menu on my phone, Greco went around the options to set his sights on the nearby Chaiya Thai Restaurant and order a boost.
Vitalik Buterin is the first to admit that he has spent a strange year 2017. The entrepreneurs backed by the Ethereum protocol started to use it to issue new chips to organize huge fundraisers in cryptocurrency for their projects, through an innovative financing mechanism called "initial coin offering" (ICO). The prices of bitcoin and ether broke records and ICOs exploded; but they have also fueled fears of a speculative runaway of the same type as tulipomania, speculation on tulip bulbs in the Netherlands, in the past. "We've created a culture where any hazardous project can raise $ 8 million, and we say 'oh yes, it's peanuts'," he says, "that's how you know. that you are in a bubble! "
"We've created a culture where any risky project can raise $ 8 million, and we say 'oh yes, it's peanuts, that's how you know you're in a bubble!'
The rise in the price of ether has made him a multimillionaire, but unlike Bitcoin fans who have tended to hang on to their assets, he was never convinced that crypto-currencies would take. When the prices seemed right, he cashed; and he "paid dearly for it financially," he notes cheerfully. He estimates that on paper, its fictitious capital, based on the value of its assets, would be three to four times larger if it had sold less cryptocurrency. After spending between $ 1 and $ 100, bitcoin jumped from less than $ 1,000 in January 2017 to more than $ 19,000 in December (the excitement has subsided, however, and has now stabilized at around 8 $ 1,000).
The young prodigy is under a lot of pressure to transform the test and move from the excitement of the blockchain to real results. He quickly explains his efforts to improve the Ethereum network, which recently became congested by the influx of users who exchange virtual chats in a game called CryptoKitties, where players raise and trade digital felines. The various tracks envisaged to increase the capacity of the blockchain bear names such as "sharding", "state channels" and "plasma". I am relieved when we move to simpler things, like his desire for immortality.
Vitalik Buterin dismayed Since childhood, Vitalik Buterin has been thinking of eternal life. When he was six, shortly after his family emigrated from Russia arrived in the United States, he came upon a book by Aubrey de Gray, a controversial British scientist with radical ideas to defeat aging. . While we sip a green tea prepared Thomas Greco while waiting for our meal, I ask him: why does he want to live forever? Vitalik Buterin is "puzzled enough to ask the question". If it is possible to live forever, then choosing not to do so is "the equivalent of jumping off a cliff," he explains. He will then reassure me: if life extension solutions have been slow in coming, they could be ready by 2060, which means it will be "probably still time for you". (I am 25.)
But then, "what would he do with eternal life?", I questioned him, imagining he might aspire to unlock the secret of unresolved mathematical puzzles. Not quite. "The most important thing is to enjoy it," he replies. During his flights, he studied languages ??he did not yet master watching French, German or Chinese films.
"If it is possible to live forever, then choosing not to do it is" the equivalent of jumping off a cliff ""
As we speak, cryptocurrency is experiencing a kind of cultural revolution. The first idealistic coders, who wanted the blockchain to transfer power from the hands of corporations and governments to those of individuals, began last year to be overtaken by intriguers motivated by the lure of a quick gain. Some ICOs have turned out to be scams. It is with consternation that Vitalik Buterin watched his blockchain be flooded by mercenaries in search of easy money.
"There are projects that have never had a soul, it's just, vroum-vroum, the price goes up," he says and typing in his long hands: "Lambo [rghini], vroum, vroum, buy, buy now! "Suddenly escaping a sharp remark about the Tron digital token, my host relaxes the atmosphere laughing loudly. Tron's market valuation reached $ 17 billion without any sign of life from a real underlying product.
Wacky valuations are, he says, "far ahead of what this field has actually done for society".
While we await delivery, the cryptocurrency markets are in full collapse. At the end of the day, the ether will have dipped by 30%. Such volatility would give traders cold sweat, but it's nothing for veterans of crypto-currencies like Vitalik Buterin - he does not even watch his phone.
Pragmatic against the system Vitalik Buterin may be disappointed by the boom, but he has welcomed the massive investment in the blockchain from the general public. The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) was founded in 2016 to explore potential blockchain applications for the corporate world. It counts among its members BP or JPMorgan. The EEA reflects the changing mentality of the creator of Ethereum. As a teenager, he shared the general opinion of the cryptic crusader community: "the system," that is governments, banks, and big business, "is fundamentally bad, and we must resist completely and build something new "(Vitalik Buterin has a childish tic: he adds a" s "at fault to certain verbs).
But he realized that these people "are not so different from others everywhere else". Purists might see it as a betrayal of the historical roots of the blockchain; But Vitalik Buterin describes this as pragmatism, tinged with anxiety over governments with "hundreds of billions of dollars in physical weapons, many prisons ... increased surveillance of the Internet".
Vitalik Buterin a de quoi se faire du souci?: il a vu comment les premiers spécialistes du bitcoin, qui utilisaient la monnaie pour le trafic de drogue, ont fini par se faire prendre. Il évoque Ross Ulbricht, l’incroyablement jeune libertarien américain qui dirigeait Silk Road, ce marché noir du darknet spécialisé dans l’échange de substances et de marchandises illicites, tournant en grande partie grâce au bitcoin. Par sa tristement célèbre décision de recruter des tueurs à gages, Ross Ulbricht aurait fait basculer le destin du bitcoin, selon Vitalik Buterin, transformant l’histoire d’“un éventuel martyr de la désobéissance civile” en celle d’“un véritable criminel et ennemi public”. Ross Ulbricht, qui entame aujourd’hui la trentaine, a perdu l’année dernière une bataille judiciaire qui a duré cinq ans, et il risque aujourd’hui la prison à vie.
"Even if your goal is to overthrow part of the system, you need to have a vision of how it can promote human progress, and convey that vision"
"Even if your goal is to overthrow part of the system, you need to have a vision of how it can promote human progress, and convey that vision," he says. "The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars could send people a very, very misleading picture of social conflict." His reference to Hobbits and Jedi evokes childish morality, which opposes righteousness to absolute evil; Vitalik Buterin has adapted to a world without villains or heroes.
Diplomatic tour in progress So who is the most important person in his life? For once, he is at a running class. "Hmmm." There is a white. "It's hard to think of one person. Yeah. "We are saved by the arrival of the delivery.
Two women on sofas strum on laptops covered with stickers. The atmosphere is that of a student house during the revision period before the end-of-year exams. Vitalik Buterin picks plates and forks (but no knives). We unpack spicy shrimps with a pasta dish and sautéed for him, and a curry of green vegetables with wormwood and rice for me.
I ask him about his memories of Russia, a country he left at the age of six. While peeling the shrimps from his long fingers with gnawed nails, he recites a description of his hometown, Kolomna: 140,000 inhabitants, 115 km from Moscow. He went to Moscow and St Petersburg last year, met with Vladimir Putin, and spoke with Russian officials about a "cryptorouble" project. He explained how he was siding with the system these days, but I can not understand why he would help an authoritarian government. He quotes Frederick Douglass, who has been criticized for being allied with slave owners, but said: "I would unite with anyone to do good; and with no one to do evil. " He later confided to me that he encourages the Kremlin to make "the people benefit from the benefits of cryptography", but adds, resignedly, that he "does not know how far the message actually passes".
"He encourages the Kremlin to make" the people benefit from the benefits of cryptography ", but adds, resignedly, that he" does not know how far the message actually passes ""
This willingness to discuss has propelled Vitalok Buterin on a diplomatic tour, apparently for an indefinite period. During the last month, he visited four countries: Thailand, Singapore, China, the United States. He does not have a fixed address. "At this moment, I flutter everywhere," he summarizes. So where does he leave his things while he travels? He leaves the room at full speed. Baffled, I stuck an eggplant with my fork. He returns with a bright pink travel bag overflowing with t-shirts. He does not have books? He points to his Android phone.
When his fortune went from 1 million to more than 10 to 20 million dollars (for once, he fixes a little the numbers), he did not say "youpi, I'll have more stuff". "It's rather that I will not have to worry about money for a long time," he says. He donates to the Bill Gates Foundation, GiveDirectly, and Aubrey de Gray's anti-aging organization, the SENS Research Foundation.
The weight of celebrity His most important source of inspiration, he says, is the Internet. And last June, the Internet killed him: a viral rumor that he was dead plunged Ethereum's $ 4 billion market capitalization, revealing how Vitalik Buterin is intrinsically linked to the Ethereum system in the spirit traders in cryptocurrency. "It's like OK, wow, it's weird," he recalls. "My family sent me WeChat messages to ask me if it was okay."
I notice dark circles under his piercing blue eyes. Despite all his public appearances, he struggles to become famous.
"Last year, it came to a point where [celebrity] has become more embarrassing than positive," he says. He remembers a man chasing him on a plane and across an airport, trying to talk to him.
This position of power, is it something he desired? "No," he answers quickly, without hesitation. So, how could this happen? "Hmmm. Ethereum has grown. "He lowers his head as if I have scolded him. "It turned out that Ethereum has evolved without other figures as important as me emerging, I guess."
"Last June, the Internet killed him: a viral rumor that he was dead plunged Ethereum's market capitalization by $ 4 billion, revealing how Vitalik Buterin is intrinsically linked to the Ethereum system."
Vitalik Buterin seems depressed. To try to relax the atmosphere, I ask him where he would like to be in five years. "I have no idea," he sighs. "I do not usually plan more than three months in advance, let alone five years." It is clear that Ethereum started as a project, not a career plan. He ridicules bitcoin millionaires who surfed the crypto-tsunami wave until they hoarded a fortune, boasting about it as an investment feat.
"It's Russian roulette, and everyone who won the lottery seems to have the impression that they deserved it because they would be smarter," said Vitalik Buterin. He imitates an enthusiastic "bull", having bet on bitcoin: "I was loyal and I was virtuous and I stood firm and so I deserve to have my five villas and 23 lambos!" We laugh.
After making just a bite of shrimp, he begins to pick up crumbs with his index finger and describes his recent wanderings in a dilapidated neighborhood in China. He makes a fixation on "shabby grocery stores, with five-year-olds helping mom and dad rearrange water bottles." These meetings reminded him that "these are the people to whom you can really be useful".
Facebook Marketplace in the United States soon available with crypto currency? The uses of a Facebook cryptocurrency could be numerous. One thinks of a use of the corner on the Facebook Marketplace, this home platform launched in August 2017 and which competes with Le Bon Coin; in the United States maybe first and then all over the world. The advantage of no longer backing transactions on a fiduciary currency would be a simplification of international trade. But remember that Facebook is also WhatsApp, Instagram or Oculus and a cryptocurrency on Facebook social network could also decline on its multiple subsidiaries.
Although Facebook, like Google and Twitter posted a rather hostile position with regard to virtual currencies by prohibiting the advertising of crypto-currencies on its network, the deal seems to have changed. Unless, as many commentators had predicted at the time, the Facebook decision was actually motivated by the launch of a house cryptocurrency that will not have to compete with other tokens. What totally upset the cryptocurrency sector when the FaceCoin out!
What is certain is that this project should not succeed in the immediate future. Indeed, last February David Marcus had said in an interview that Facebook had not planned to integrate cryptocurrency in its applications soon. At issue: the technical difficulties crypto-currencies currently face: "payments using virtual currencies are currently very expensive, very slow," said David Marcus, pointing out that when all these problems would be resolved, " maybe we'll do something. "
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{Tinfoil Hat Time} Is Bitcoin the perfect replacement for cash?

Ok, first of all I will admit to wearing a tinfoil hat on occasion. I see conspiracies in places most people don't bother looking. You may want to put yours on to better understand this post.
For some time now I have wondered about who actually developed bitcoin and what its true purpose was. I used to think that it was all about freedom from bureaucracy, privacy and all that Libertarian crap about controlling our own money etc.
Recently I have begun to wonder though if bitcoin is actually any improvement over cash at all at least in terms of privacy. You see with cash I can buy whatever I want and no one has any clue really where the cash comes from. Cash is by its own nature very difficult to trace even with serial numbers etc.
If the Federal government wanted the perfect traceable replacement for cash then bitcoin fits the bill because the blockchain never forgets. A bitcoin can be traced all the way back to its creation date. Sure, bitcoin is anonymous to a certain extent but in the conversion from fiat to bitcoin we are now seeing how dangerous the blockchain can be for privacy.
Coinbase has become the focal point of this recently with their requirements to verify your identity and their tracking of where coins come from and go to. Coinbase now monitors where you coins go after you buy them and if they seem to be used for anything remotely related to Money Service Business your accounts can be frozen with a total loss of bitcoins. There are numerous postings in this sub complaining about these issues and its only going to get worse in my opinion. With cash no one cares or even knows where it came from but with bitcoins you just have to look at the blockchian to see if came from some bad wallet address such as those from localbitcoins or even these darknet sites like SilkRoad et al.
If coinbase can shut down your account because of where your coins are sent how can we protect ourselves? Sure we can all "wash" our coins but how many hops is needed to make the coins clean? If I spend coins with some service provider and he sells them on LBC or the darknet does that reflect negatively on my account somehow? How about stolen coins? If someone pays me for goods or services using coins stolen from some marketplace like BTC-E or whomever am I now responsible for receiving stolen property? Can my account be frozen because some thief pays me for legitimate services?
I have begun to wonder if Satoshi was in fact the Federal government and their end goal was to further destroy the use of cash and also make all transactions traceable. It's perfect if you think about. You can't hide bitcoins like you can cash. Sure you can tumble them or even trade them for altcoins but in the end all of that is traceable on the relevant blockchain. You can't counterfeit bitcoins like you can cash so our enemies can't keep printing wads of fake cash as they have been for years now.
Until Bitcoin achieves mass adoption there will be the need to convert to fiat and with the many PR issues bitcoin has faced recently we may never see total merchant adoption. So long as people keep tying their bitcoin accounts to their personal id we'll come closer and closer to the perfect traceable system. In the same way debit and credit cards are perfect trackable devices for the Federal government so to is Bitcoin.
Now, before you come at me with "This is an American problem, not my country" that's only because your country has not taken the steps to regulate bitcoin yet. When they do it becomes our problem, not just mine.
So, my question to the bitcoin community is am I the only one who thinks bitcoin is the perfect traceable currency the Federal government needs to do away with cash? Has anyone else considered that maybe bitcoin is not better than cash?
TL;DR What are you A.D.D.? Take 2 minutes and read the frickin post.
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Wie kauft man im Darknet ein? BR24 - YouTube

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