Stock to Flow Ratio – A Primer - The Gold Standard ...

bitcoin and gold; canadian silver; gold stocks suck; xgd and zjg; the everything bubble. crack up boom; von mises ; crypto cycles. surf city and cryptocurrencies; tent politics. ashamed; double headed snake; sponsors. rambus chartology; rambus forum; surfcity; spock global matrix; yields and gold. 4 warnings; bikoo's finest; bikoo's libor warning; credit spread contraction; watch the 2 yr ... The use of the cobasis to profitably trade bitcoin is derived from Professor Antal E. Fekete’s study of the basis. In 1971, Professor Fekete bought a seat on the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange to ... I first came across the concept in 2009 at a lecture by Professor Antal E. Fekete in Szombathely, Hungary. It fascinated me and the more I looked at its implications, the more amazed that I became, not least of which because my search engine couldn’t locate a single piece of writing on the subject anywhere. The stock to flow ratio of gold and its ramifications are a book in its own right ... Jaitly, a follower of Antal Fekete, originally tweeted that "If it ain’t Menger or his direct student Eugene [sic] Von BB, it ain’t Austrian. Sorry #Mises: respectfully, too many mistakes were ... Prof Antal Fekete has been warning of permanent backwardation in the past 2008. “December 2, 2008, was a landmark in the saga of the collapsing international monetary system, yet it did not deserve to be reported in the press: gold went to backwardation for the first time ever in history. The facts are as follows: on

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