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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 306 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 172.7. Trump Has Lausch Release FISA Docs Nine Hours After My US AG Video in Chicago - YouTube
    • It's day 172 not day 112
    • And this is part 9 I believe
    • Now, here's the famous Picasso where all the cop cars pile up
    • If you've ever ridden with Task Force in a car--you know what it's like to be a stunt driver on that movie
    • Anyway--I've been with one other person that drives faster
    • And--who you are that's true
    • She never breaks if she's a police officer
    • She's a have you ever driven over 150 miles an hour in a pursuit?
    • I thought you said 143
    • And they have to call out their street they have to call their street intersections
    • So that it can be
    • So so you they know you're not falsifying a police report, right?
    • Right they take you through the whole pursuit
    • And they say when did they time you out your voice came on the radio hear your piece you said your car was traveling you have to say
    • So I just turned on Jackson I just stopped passing there lied about the speed you were traveling or where you were
    • And all those right and
    • So here
    • Again, I'm just ready to stop at any
    • And at any Picasso
    • Rahm I will meet you at any Picasso anytime day or night
    • And we'll get you this Bitcoin
    • We're tired of carrying it our arm my left arm is like a foot longer
    • Now, no more carrying the Bitcoin
    • We went on a day here
    • There's if the license plate do not look at the license plate
    • We were gonna we were going to get you the Bitcoin
    • But no such luck
    • Another Picasso but no Bitcoin
  • Day 172.8. Going Underground With Rahm’s Bitcoin - YouTube
    • Day 172 this is part 10
    • And we've heard
    • Now, from Rahm's office he said that you're not gonna do not do the Bitcoin on the street level
    • So the white continental or what was that a white I think there's a white Cadillac
    • Do not give the Bitcoin directly
    • So we're going underground
    • We're gonna meet somebody--where was the drop? Jefferson--Jefferson Park is where the drop is gonna be you can clearly see where we are you can clearly see that's nine exits
    • Now, we were not given instructions on whether we should take a Chinese CTA car or an American made
    • I would feel much better with a with the no boron thing
    • We don't want
    • We're gonna take the risk we're gonna get the Bitcoin out there like
    • Apparently they did not want us to stop at Rosemont they did not want us to go to any of the Rosemont locations that was odd
    • But Jefferson Park so
    • Ok we're going there
    • So Rahm Emanuel says there's gonna be a trade war if we buy American
    • So to avoid a trade war we're going to ship all the businesses to China China China
    • I got it that that makes sense ok
  • Day 172.9. With Bernie Bridges Putting On The Gritz - YouTube
    • It's day 172 part 11
    • You're looking at the Kennedy Expressway going that way out of Chicago going Northwest
    • You are looking at a high traffic cow here on Sunday afternoon
    • You've got if you want to read it backwards you can reinstate, right? Robyn Gritz
    • That seems to be coming through it seems like you can read that
    • So maybe I reversed the camera in such a way that you can read what it says
    • But I'm going to change the perspective hey we got a long we got a hunk it actually says Robyn Gritz on the other side you'll just have to trust me I've reversed the camera angle
    • So that everyone at home can read reinstate Robyn Gritz
    • But it actually is reverse on the other side trust me trust me
    • We're gonna bring you we're gonna bring her in we're bringing in party bridges here she is
    • She's a mom in Reeboks
    • Beware of a mother in Reeboks, boy I'll tell you don't get on her bad side
    • You had now, we got Robyn Gritz up you've had Awan brothers Awan contra up your content
    • And you've had r.i.p Commander Bauer
    • We had a police officer killed off-duty
    • There goes the cars that Rahm wants made in China in China China China
    • So and most successful campaigns
    • So far Robyn Gritz has been good
    • BB: today today the second day to the hog for the waves for like 10 times more
    • G: And then of course we've had Awan Contra and a spy ring in Congress spy ring in Congress
    • Ask Debbie
    • DNC is not located in Moscow
    • And then DNC is not located in Moscow
    • And the other one we've had is RIP Commander Bauer who was a very brave police officer
    • Task Force heard about that kind of--had that moment
    • And she said when the officers are gonna go to the Caprice they're're gonna give the widow her the sign the banner you made
    • And then also moto book of all the all the cars
    • {{ 911: Let HER talk George, Dammit! }}
    • And all the people who honked on the way to Commander Bowers Widow
    • And her family
    • And that's really a very nice thing we're gonna go to a roll call she's going to go to a roll call what what precinct is he in 18th district 18th district
    • So thank you to all of our police officers thank you to Task Force as a representative for state and local police officers
    • Thank You Robyn Gritz our Federal law enforcement
    • You're bringing integrity back to law enforcement
    • And Thank You Bernie Bridges
    • BB: My Pleasure
  • Day 172.10. Saberi’s Dad Is Iran Nuke Expert - Metadata Screams Iran Nuke Deal - YouTube
    • It's day 173 this is gonna be 13
    • One of the great things about being here at Hearst Castle we have tremendous resources we have hundreds of researchers constantly combing over everything that Task Force and I uncover
    • Actually no that's not true Task Force herself does all the research and does all their liaison work now with law enforcement, including the new Robyn Gritz contact, which is awesome
    • And what we learned about well first of all I want to say that everything seems to fit when you have you're on the truth
    • If you really think that let's say Jeff Sterling knew Andy McCabe in law school
    • And then you used a Jeff Sterling to make the deals about Uranium
    • And get the centrifuges into Iran and you had a secret program
    • And then all of a sudden when it became public then you just stabbed him in the back
    • And sacrificed him every time that happened?
    • Well that's exactly what happened twice in the Iranian program
    • The first one was at a nuclear facility that called NAT ANTS
    • Now, you can think of NAT Turner's revolt you can think of ants with Woody Allen the Disney animated feature
    • You can think of the NAT the little gnat
    • And then the ants
    • And then you can think of the worm the Stuxnet worm that took them down Mount Prospect going by salute them
    • So so they discovered that facility
    • And all of a sudden--somebody gets lit up as a sacrificial lamb
    • The same thing happened again, in nucleic ANSI the rise of the number of centrifuges I think at the first time they hit 3000 was around 2007
    • But it takes a steep rise from there until 2009 when again, somebody Western leaders discover a new facility called for Dow
    • For Dow you can think of it like well this is for Dow because Dow wants to make a lot of money
    • Now, these are Siemens reactors for the most part
    • There's one called an IR1 let's just think of Iran's first reactor right
    • And then there's one called an IR 8, which is like 8 times as efficient as the IR one that they're putting in now,
    • So so I don't want to make everybody nuclear experts
    • But is that why Jeffery is that why Jeffrey Sterling gets shivved in the back by Andy McCabe?
    • Was that the plan really since 1999 because Saberi looks like she's recruited in New York potentially by Sterling
    • And guess what? Task Force just found?
    • Tell us about the father in North Dakota atomic energy organization of rent
    • Yeah PhD in Iran for the atomic Iran Atomic Energy Commission
    • And this is what makes me here we'll just do a little quick
    • So Barry yeah and
    • << TF is too low volume to transcribe >>
    • So here's the thing is people these kids get sent over they think they're on this mission or that mission
    • But then who knows
    • But you have a lot of things just keep lining up
    • Farsi, Iran, I mean a meeting with Mark Lambert the Russian wife it was almost like
    • And then all the croup Knicks managing the rat lines
    • And then the too farsi speaking daughters
    • And I immediately thought of the same thing when I thought in the Google shooting with the Farsi transvestite kid--and I'm thinking what the heck is going on here
    • It's just everything keeps pointing to Iran
    • But the two big things here to really look at are: just metadata how everything kind of points to Iran Iran nuclear program
    • Uranium One looks like the bookend on the front end 2009
    • And the other bookend seems to be the Iran deal of 2015
    • If you just keep those two dates in mind
    • And about a 2013 inflection point where they just really increase their centrifuges, you have the beginning, middle, and the end as your Euripides would say
    • I believe Europe it he said every story should have a beginning in the middle and an end and Mark Twain said the same thing
    • But not necessarily in that order I don't know if that's true or not But anyway those are the little asides that bother people so much
    • But and sometimes I lose my train a lot when I do those
    • But the key is Piketon I'm going into Piketon
    • I'm going to speak to two informants in the town just before Piketon a couple of hour an hour away
    • And I'm speaking to an informant police officer first
    • Second informant is somebody at the plant
    • Now, now you've been talking quite a bit to people at the Piketon Plant
    • And that's a whole bunch of research that's coming
    • But the 2009 they start shutting it down
    • And then 2013 there was this big promise of reopening the plant, getting the plant going with the new centrifuges, and then all sudden all the money got gifted, but no centrifuges
    • Did those go to Iran did the old 2009 when it got decommissioned was that the first big shipment to Iran, and then the big regeneration of Piketon: was that the second big shipment?
    • We don't know, but we're just looking at those three key dates, and starting to match metadata on 2009 when Hillary starts 2013 when she's about ready to finish
    • So she's got to get her deals done in that 2015, as Kerry is finishing the deals off with what? Blackberries
    • With what? State Department Gmail accounts, the illegals Gmail accounts
    • With what? One two three Dropbox to a Pakistan
    • With what? Containers that AQ Khan uses to ship stuff
    • And we just did another deal with the Iranian Iraqi nuclear scientist Jafar for the port of Wilmington
    • Everything just keeps screaming Iran nuclear Iran nuclear deal Iran nuclear deal
  • Day 173.1 Was Gritz About To Break Open Awan Contra? - YouTube
    • It's day 173
    • And just to recap of yesterday was it was another big day
    • Ten videos started out with the Gritz fundraiser again, we're up to about thirty three thousand dollars now,
    • Of course I have no part whatsoever to do this
    • This is really to just provide a level of confidence for Robin she's currently employed a lot of times employers don't like people to come forward as a whistleblower, especially against the FBI
    • So this gives every dollar lets Robyn basically be more honest about actually what's happening inside this cabal
    • This is McCabe, Brennan cabal to affect change
    • And this is really our whole democracy we don't get this kind of CIA death grip on the throat of American democracy or constitutional republic whatever what-have-you it's not going to get any better
    • So unless we support the people that are being very courageous and coming forward, it's really all for naught
    • We could have all the discussions in Congress that we want
    • The permanent seat of Government really is the FBI and the CIA by extension
    • So we talked a little bit about the Gritz files in the first episode what we're really talking about is all the cases
    • And how it kind of pieces together the Iran deal by looking at the career of Robyn Gritz you can kind of get some great metadata in taking apart the Iran deal over the last since the year 2000 I would say
    • And of course. we had a couple of episodes where we reacted to the episode with a Jason and Quinn--musing that I lived in a Hearst Castle Museum...
    • Oh No it's true this Hearse have a summer home here in Chicago, but I trust trust me it's not here
    • There was some good things that came out of that which was Quinn talked about my dad's invention, and the whole idea of a repeater, which became kind of the cell tower, which made you think of Iridium, it made you think of Nellie Ohr, it made you think of Imran Awan
    • It made you think of Muhammad Muhammad Awan having a company called Blue Sky Link for Iridium it made you think of Blackberry and BlackBerries Iridium phones
    • And Iridium stations
    • And managing ratlines
    • So in a sense it just kept it all this kind of noise or whatever keeps pointing back at the fundamentals of our channel
    • And also you think of Muhammad Tahir Awan
    • And you think of Space Eyes, and Channel logistics and Al Waleed
    • And all those things that were put together in brahim all those things were put together to manage this ratline going to Pakistan
    • So it's kind of good every time even though it's a little bit of noise, but some there was some signal there to
    • Quinn especially provided a lot of signal as far as radio technology goes
    • Of course we kidded about the Patty Hearst being in in our basement here
    • But again, it reminds us of the NXIVM cult in San Francisco
    • And how they were bringing how the old bootleggers kind of became the new drug runners
    • So if we follow those old bootleggers rat lines, the old Capone ratlines, kind of leads us right to today's current drug ratlines, which is which is helpful and instructive
    • Coming through here in Chicago coming through Montreal in Canada coming through the West--where it kind of migrated
    • Where that Nexium Seagram's fortune kind of migrated across the United States during Prohibition
    • And those same drug racket lines are still in place of course Cuba to Florida being a famous drug ratline and bootleg ratline as well
    • We quickly went into drilling down on the Gritz files though for for these centrifuges
    • And we've kind of looked at these key steps along the way in the development of the Iranian nuclear program
    • They had an IR one which that did a certain efficiency up to about 3,000 centrifuges in 2007
    • Then the program kind of took off with these new reactors or new centrifuges which you could do double the amount of Uranium
    • These IR2s then we went into IR4s
    • And even though we had events like Stuxnet--public events--what was really happening was different groups are coming out and exposing these different facilities
    • First this one here at [NATANZ]
    • And then the second one here at [FORDOW]
    • And as these were being exposed, it kind of forced the FBI to come forward, and say, "hey we did something"
    • Well it turns out that the one-fifth of the reactors or excuse me the centrifuges they took out we're probably these old ones that were failing anyway
    • And they were putting in four times more productive centrifuges while doing that
    • So again, it was kind of a little bit of a shell game
    • Now, we're putting in the IR8s which are at least eight times more efficient up to twenty times more efficient
    • So the Iran deal that says that they're reducing from 20,000 to 14,000 centrifuges is really another shadow, shell game, because they're eight times as efficient as the old IR1s
    • So we learned a little bit about centrifuges--that was kind of good
    • We learned a little bit about Saberi, the Robyn Gritz case going to the Gritz files and how this woman went over and studied in Iran
    • But then also how her father was involved in the nuclear industry
    • Was she a cover a go-between because she was caught with classified information in Iran
    • And also the father being involved in the nuclear industry--was that the go-between--was that the channel--was that the funnel?
    • Was Robyn Gritz getting close to that? with her team in Tehran
    • Is that why she got yanked out by Gaddis? Is that why?
    • We we stopped in at Loop Capital because it's always Loop Capital we'll go a little bit forward here it's always fun to stuff in a Loop Capital, and they have this crazy art
    • And I don't know if people seen it up close, but they have this crazy art in the Denver Airport
    • I think of the CIA's old play with Black Panthers, and trying to migrate that to kind of the Black Muslim movement, and how that really didn't go very well, and they had to kind of shut it down with Malcolm X...
    • And kind of made the shift to bringing a kind of Muslim radical into the United States, kind of take over the port cities, and then the major inland ports as well
    • And this kind of--artwork here at the Denver Airport kind of shows that that
    • This these flower of these use--she'll die by this is not Islamic sword here
    • There will be a great gnashing of teeth will have to use--automatic weapons if need be
    • There'll be a lot of innocents that die
    • But we'll be sure to Fentanyl them
    • And the our squad will have a lot of fun before they die
    • It'll be this gnashing of teeth
    • But then out of that will come kind of this rebirth
    • And then we'll have the--the society as we want it
    • And this is Loop Capital's artwork in the Denver Airport
    • There's no other reason to have these panels in this kind of progression, other than just tell that kind of story
    • There is no other explanation
    • But it's a very logical explanation
    • We took a little bit of look at Raisa Sabiri the father
    • And then the potentially Saberis brother being in the nuclear industry
    • And being kind of nuclear go-betweens we'll get more into that story later
    • And finally I'll finish off with Robyn Gritz here almost a $33,000
    • That number was almost a number was about seven sixteen thousand seven hundred
    • We've got here about five days ago
    • So we're very happy with that but again, if we really want to shame take advantage of the one chance we have a unhooking the Cabal of McCabe and Brennan
    • Here's our chance
    • We can't have an economic sort of Damocles hanging over Robyn's head all the time
    • If she had more confidence in the in this go rainy day fund, she could do even more in terms of taking down this this cabal
    • This cabal that tried to overthrow the president
  • Day 173.2. Getting Too Close On Awans? Gas a Town. - YouTube
    • Hey day 173 this is part 2 sears tower behind us what if you put an antenna on that I bet you could talk to them you could talk to them pretty easy
    • I think the phones are a little bit lighter than this, but not much back in 1973
    • But this morning obviously the false flag in Syria seems like everyone's jumping and taking the bait with Trump and Mattis
    • And everybody no nobody's verified anything yet every network is saying war war war
    • What are your thoughts Task Force?
    • TF: my thoughts are this is exactly peat of what happened last time that chemical attack happened
    • Right when... why would Assad now, use chemical weapons when the president's talking about pulling out
    • Y-yeah he's deescalating---that it makes no logical sense that happened the exact last time
    • G: And Mike Morell strikes again, with Gouta and Allepo
    • TF: And the chemical weapons that Hillary Clinton was a part of moving from Libya to Syria. People need to think about that
    • G: This series does not repeat itself
    • But it sure does rhyme
    • I remember doing the story on Shifa Gardi, the story on Serena Shim, the story of Vanessa Beasley the story on--all the seem for some reason only the women can tell the truth
    • I don't know what the heck's the story here with the journalists
    • But no no verification whatsoever, and all of a sudden it's Putin's fault
    • Trump as well: I mean he jumped in on the bandwagon
    • So I think they've got to get inspectors in there, and look at the chemical signatures, and the TAGGANTS before Andy gets into the evidence room--
    • I knew this would probably happen you close in on the AWANS, and then false flag
    • It just it just seems that's the whole way through this investigation
    • TF: Right and also Donald Trump makes moves that are for on behalf of America, in trying to pull our troops out of kind of crazy stuff and calm the situation down, and you have the automatic false flag, and then you get the Senators that all want war jumping on the bandwagon
    • G: immediately, almost like they were lined up for a school photo shoot
    • TF: exactly this happened last time
    • We even have pictures of John McCain over there and there's now, a picture that was released today of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio over there
    • G: With a Syrian emergency Task Force, can you believe it? SEFT, not sift, not sift Americans all of their money
    • But SEFT
    • And here's this guy named what is his name Musa Musa?
    • TF: And then Marco Rubio is holding their flag
    • G: Yeah it's nice to see Marco holding the flag
    • And also it reminds me so much of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights you always want that guy being an oil executive from five generations of oil families, picking out who are the really cute kids at the white helmet shelter for the White House to go in
    • Again, I think we're gonna get a whole nother round of white helmets
    • TF: Right. it's a it's an exact repetition
    • G: Is George Clooney getting this hair combed right now, ready for another white helmet shoot?
    • TF: Probably win another oscar for...and it's already been exposed by many journalists at the white helmets are actually--they're fake they're going in and taking these children << G: Sid Blumenthal's Son>> Right these orphans are hiding in--basements, and they're being trafficked
    • G: And if you're if you're an ugly kid, get ready to be an organ donor
    • Well I tell you what: I knew what would happen sooner or later as we closed in on the Iran
    • Oh by the way Iran says they're going to start enriching again,
    • We're not way ahead of the news anymore only slightly ahead of the news here on the George Webb and Task Force Channel
  • Day 173.3. Looping By Q’s Loop Capital - Depleted Uranium Up! - YouTube
    • It's day 173 were walking down little Wall Street here of course you'll see the Federal Reserve not FedEx not Memphis FedEx, which is going to take over 1999 all that or 2001 actually
    • All the all the deliver or Parcel Post deliveries
    • But you're gonna see the Federal Reserve there
    • You wonder when you start a war like a Gulf of Tonkin or whatever excuse you have for war, you wonder who profits from the war
    • I would guess loop capital
    • I don't know about all the investments of loop capital
    • I just know about the crazy artwork that they have in the Denver Airport with--Arabian swords cutting flowers to ribbons next to the dead little girls with lilies on their chests in a coffin
    • I'm guessing that's some interpretation of like the Rites of Spring or something it's hard to say
    • But anyway here we are we'll go around the corner it's hard not to loop by loop capital and check on your investments
    • You wonder how is white phosphate doing today?
    • How are my shares in depleted Uranium down there in Tennessee?
    • Doing it Aerojet?
    • How's my club k containerized weapons, all a whole hole weapons system?
    • How's that and those investments doing?
    • Can we get can we get a few more orders of oh let's say reused ak-47s from battlefields all over the world from the Granges?
    • Can we call Sid Blumenthal, and make sure we get a Navy hospital ship
    • So we can start brokering that there's all sorts of investment opportunities that we wanted to remind you all about
    • Here as we loop by loot capital we've got snow still in the outfield at Wrigley Field this morning on opening day
    • And that is not gunfire, just people working
    • But you can make money on gunfire, can you not?
  • Day 173.4. Priestap Buddy In Charge Of FISA Doc Release - YouTube
    • Ok here we are 173 point four
    • And you are in Federal Plaza right here
    • And you may have correctly surmised that actually you by the reflection in the window, I'm standing next to the Calder--it's not a Picasso
    • No wonder the white luxury car did not pick up my Bitcoin for Rahm
    • But you can also see within the shadow, and within a reflection of the Flamingo, you could see the Masonic symbol
    • The Masonic symbol clearly, right?
    • TF: The all-seeing eye
    • G: we've got it all
    • Just to remind you, as the US attorney, that you have a larger group to report to
    • You have an SES core group: not just SES, but a core group that you answer to
    • That you take a vow to
    • To help them among all others, forget about the temporary occupants of the White House
    • So here it is this is the Flamingo
    • I think we're at the end of the Flamingo
    • I think we should get away from this end of the Flamingo it's quite dangerous
    • So so this is Calder--it has a Picasso esque feel to it because it's contorted
    • Its contorted and cubic, a lot like our news currently
    • And this is the place if you're not tired of contortions
    • This is a place Federal center, where Attorney General Bower will be in charge of disseminating the documents that Congress has been waiting for over a year--over a year
    • But no: three million documents: we still need to mete them out, eyedropper them out, one thousand at a time
    • We need a double check triple check quadruple check you got it--what is that commercial double check with what's-his-name the coach?
    • Well I guess Andy McCabe didn't really bother about double checking when he was leaking to the Washington Post, and leaking to the New York Times, and leaking to The Wall Street Journal
    • Fusion GPS certainly didn't use a double triple or quadruple check
    • Comey didn't yeah Comey at the White House, certainly didn't have any kind of checking.
    • He just gave it to a professor in New York, and said, "hey I wonder what you could do with this privileged communication"
    • So again, but when it's them well it's then being investigated no no no double triple check
    • And worse yet Bauer I'm sorry Lausch I think of Bauer because of Lausche is such good friends with Bill Priestap, who is a co-conspirator
    • So this is almost as good as Barsoomian
    • Lisa Barsoomian being Bill Clinton's lawyer, with having Rod Rosenstein being in charge of the Trump investigation
    • TF: And Lisa Barsoomian is Rod Rosenstein's wife. LB is DOJ attorney, FBI attorney, CIA attorney, rep. Bill Clinton in impeachment and she's Rod Rosenstein's wife, who is in charge of this investigation.
    • G: She was the she was the IC the Intelligence community shot-blocker--she was the shot blocker
    • TF: She's called the FOIA stopper!
    • G: she's the FOIA stopper, she's the shot blocker
    • So we've got that conflict
    • Now, we've got another one here with Bill Priestap
    • We came down to say, if you need the help of a true FBI professional, and you can get Robyn Gritz
    • And you could bring in a 100 FBI agents
    • There's 54 here working on the documents supposedly
    • We haven't had the first 2000 documents yet
    • They say they're working from 8 a.m. till midnight
    • No no contact through the press release through the press officer yet, about the first thousand documents
    • But we'll write it out here
    • Hopefully we'll get a visit from maybe Bernie Bridges
    • TF: Yeah I think she's going to show up today
    • G: maybe Bernie bridges will have a sign saying Rao state Robert Gritz for the documents
    • Maybe we'll get some giddyup in this process
  • Day 173.5. DOJ Releases Only 3,600 Of 300K Docs - Contempt For Rosy. - YouTube
    • It's day 173 this is part five
    • And we are broadcasting live from the ostrich well actually it's a flamingo
    • But it's an ostrich because it has its head in the sand, because it's not producing the documents as quickly as possible
    • Just breaking on Fox we have 3600 documents, now, sent over to Bob Goodlatte House Judicial Committee
    • Not good enough
    • He needs three hundred thousand
    • They all have classified clearances--that's the oversight role of Congress they must immediately send those 300 thousand documents
    • We don't need to two million seven hundred thousand lunch menus added into the grist
    • Just send the three hundred thousand documents that you're required by law
    • It's been over one year over one year
    • Now, we have a lot of late-breaking things coming out of Iran
    • A lot of late-breaking things coming out of Syria
    • Your latest thoughts Task Force on the chemical attack on Saturday, and now, the response by ROMs maybe Rahm phoned in the air strike maybe--phone call
    • TF: Genie Energy
    • And it seems like they're trying to start a shooting war there was a attack on a t4 base in Middle Syria
    • Of course duma being extremely close to the old weapons of the big chemical weapons attack about four years ago, near Damascus
    • I sincerely doubt that Assad would attack its own people a few miles from his capital
    • TF: And the town is a rebel-held town, and who gave them the chemicals? Hillary Clinton did, we did, they were from Libya
    • G: And this is a golf course almost you can play out of your same divots
    • You're gonna see atropine or a TRO is it atropine atropine?
    • The chemical--what I call antidote for being handed out along with gas masks to our Isis partners
    • Putin has been through this wringer before
    • This is old school this is just another false flag
    • The immediate strike by Israel against Iran is interesting, though, because--as we talked about earlier--the Iran nuclear enrichment plant program they have now, said they're going to restart
    • Why? Because even though we went from free Senator of huges in 2007 up to 20,000 during the Clinton years
    • (And I'm going to call in the clinton years because she was Secretary of State)
    • The agreement was to drop down 6,000 drop down 6,000 centrifuges right
    • But what was missed in that is if you like power at two you're gonna love the Iranian centrifuges IR2 double the capacity
    • IR4 quadruple the capacity
    • IR8 goes up to almost 20 times capacity
    • So the throughput was dramatically in staggeringly increased even though the total number of centrifuges on paper looks like it's going down
    • So is this shooting war by Israel gonna be the entree now, to attack Iran?
    • That's the key question here
    • Is this just a stepping stone is a serious stepping stone for the Iran thing?
    • This I believe is the beginning of Rahm actually
    • I mean to me this looks like Rahn just phoned one in to the Israeli Air Force
    • I can't believe that that Bibi Netanyahu's going along with us
    • But your thoughts?
    • TF: yeah I I can't believe they just going along as either and I just--I just think we just keep seeing this time and time and time again, and where it's--it's the rebels that we backed we armed we gave weapons to it's in documents that while Hillary Clinton Secretary of State the chemical weapons were taking it from Libya moved into Syria
    • And every time President Trump or tries to remove forces or draw down or do something for the American people, then there is this chemical attack or something to try--to start some sort of Wars
    • G: And it looks like Trump is taking a step back from the animal thing
    • And the immediate response to look a little bit more at the data
    • "We'll stay here at Faisal headquarters with the flamingo's had in the sand with the document production"
    • Will give you live updates of any documents that are produced as they are produced here at Lousche Castle
    • We're here at the Lousche castle
    • Let's not beat allow about it let's move move move
    • Let's get these documents moving if we have 54 agents working 16 hours a day
    • I say magnify that group by 10 or a hundred whatever it takes to meet your Congressional requirements
    • You can't just go on vacation for a year and then come back to a stack of paperwork, and then go well we're gonna do one paper a day no it doesn't work like that
    • That's a Congressional responsibility--separation of powers
    • Lousche it up, baby
    • Stack it up fill this building with FBI agents
    • Have ramen Robyn Gritz bring in all of our friends whatever it takes fulfill your obligation to Congress
  • Day 173.6. Margaret From #NotYourTurnToBurn in Chicago - YouTube
    • OK it's day 173 Oh our fireman is gonna join us sir come here
    • And introduce your impromptu video
    • You're a fireman from Nassau County yeah in Long Island I believe?
    • FM: Correct
    • Several friends in the 911 situation yeah friends...and you're here at a Burn Convention the American burn Association is annual convention
    • And what do you what do you hope to achieve here when you're while you're
    • FM: I'm a director of a firefighters Burn Center Foundation what we are here to learn is how better to work with the Government to get funding for us
    • How better to work with medical personnel, so we can know what sort of efforts we should getting into as far as purchasing of equipment
    • What are the needs...
    • G: have you heard of this nine one nine bill in Congress?
    • FM: No I haven't
    • G: you want to tell this fire fighter here oh yes you remember Margaret Not Your Turn to Burn from DC?
    • Well she's here in Chicago at the Chicago Hilton at the bird convention here she is
    • NYTTB: HR 919 is the portable fuel container Safety Act
    • And it is in Congress it's stuck in the Energy and Commerce Committee meeting
    • That subcommittee is headed by Robert Lada and Jan Schakowsky from Mt. Prospect Illinois
    • NYTTB: We're trying to get that bill through Congress, because we need to get it passed
    • G: let me see if I got this right: So a small container on the end of a gas can could save
    • A flame arrestor
    • Could save 4,000 kids being burned because if this keeps the gas cam from turning into a flamethrower right?
    • NYTTB: right. So Tom hadn't heard about this bill we want to make sure Tom's at least heard about
    • So first time we want our fire directors to know that HR 919 has been in Congress now, for over a year, year and a half
    • And we just need to try to move this bill along
    • And what it does is it says Consumer Product Safety Commission you've got to protect consumers, because OSHA protects employees, and DOD protects military, why is it that we're letting kids in school and all these consumers and family gatherings
    • And homes get burned to the tune of 4,000 of them a year which is unfreaking believable and
    • Now, this is a burn conference Europe obviously professional fighter fighter
    • G: And a lot of volunteer firefighters here as well as volunteer fire oh you are a volunteer
    • So thank you again, yes and we just--you just meet firefighters everywhere here and
    • So it's and I was in I was in New York during that period
    • So it was just it was much closer to the act--like a year out from that
    • So it's memories are very clear
    • So the one thing that there was a lot of surgeons here
    • There's a lot of burn surgeons here
    • NYTTB: yeah yeah the American burn Association is every quite a type of professional that works with burns
    • So it could be ot PT burn surgeons fire guys we our fire service does a tremendous amount for burn survivors and families
    • And they are a large source of hope
    • And they are there on our worst days in our darkest days
    • And they help us get back to healing and hope and surviving and thriving so
    • So so real quick you tell us about your if you're involved in a charity or a burn center that you work with just a shout out a plug?
    • FM: well the burn center we work with is our own Nassau County burn center it's in the Nassau University Medical Center
    • It's the only level one trauma center in Nassau County
    • If you are getting seriously burned in Nassau County, Western Suffolk, or Eastern Queens, that is where you are going
    • And our goal is to make sure that the level of care and the equipment there is the best that it could possibly be
    • So we engage we bring nurses here for education
    • We come here we learn about devices that we can purchase
    • And we also engage in burn education which is ties in with what Margaret is doing here--it's a lot of what we do is provide educational material to the people in our county to make sure that they do not become patients in a burn unit
    • NYTTB: I want you to show what I'm sitting on so they can understand why my hiney hurts
    • So we're gonna let her down kind of impaled upon this metal stump
    • >>>CONT
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