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In case you missed out on what happened in Circlebroke in February, here's a comprehensive recap to get you back on track.

This is an experiment and I may do one of these each month so don’t expect this to be anything more than a summary (i.e. don’t expect February to be anything special)
Coming out of the intoxicating January, it was apparent that we would be in for a treat this year, and that this year is poised to be absolutely intolerable. A quick January recap: the Circlebroke community gradually moved back to quality posting with little moderator intervention. Yay. We had some interesting circlejerks pop up. Remember all of the controversial opinion threads in /askreddit? All of which had the exact same “controversial” opinions: eugenics, veterans/doctors don’t deserve respect (they should actually do something!), black people suck, we shouldn’t have kids, etc. We also saw u/YungSnuggie flip the metasphere on its head. What a mess. Finally, we had the annual Grammy jerk. Just know that /hiphopheads went nuts when Kendrick Lamar lost to Macklemore, that /metal was extremely displeased that metal wasn’t represented properly, and that /DaftPunk circlejerked to nauseating levels when Daft Punk walked away with Album Of The Year and a bunch of others. The other circlejerk that went along with this was “the Grammy’s don’t mean anything, calm down!!” which made up about half of comments in Grammy related posts. At the very end of January we had two important posts—one was about reddit ruining a Mimi’s café restaurant and the other was about /weather being an awful circlejerking cesspool. First, there was a photo album on /pics that showed a very trashy Mimi’s café, but then it turned out that the restaurant was inspected and passed its inspection. This post overshadowed the War of the Weather post, by a factor of 10, which is a bit unfortunate. The War of the Weather described how /weather users thought The Weather Channel is the epitome of capitalism and greed because naming winter storms is a super evil marketing scheme. All of this pushed us into ultra-smug mode at the end of the month.
Moving into February, we immediately start off with a most impressive post by Pimpst1ck detailing a phenomenon he/she referred to as “subreddit squatting”. This phenomenon can be defined by moderators inactively controlling subreddits to progress their personal views. It really comes down to u/Soccer and a shady group of associates controlling a lot of subreddits to advance holocaust denial and men’s rights agendas. Admins have been called to action multiple times recently to fix subreddit squatting, but they really don’t want to get involved. This is interesting because Admins hold free speech in the highest regard, yet allow “Squatzis” to censor anything that doesn’t adhere to their personal beliefs.
Let’s move on. Note that February is Black History Month. Cue racism. Circlebroke pointed out that all of reddit is racist. Several /funny racist joke threads were treated seriously and condemned. Someone who was a victim of the knockout game did an AMA, a lot of comments were asking/warning about the attackers being black. The submitter totally encouraged the racist comments which such responses as
Well they targeted me because I am white no doubt about it.
The submitter linked to an article about the incident and named his account after the person in the article. That’s all the proof they need! He also included his Bitcoin wallet so people could donate to the cause, further increasing the suspicion. There were somany CB posts about racism that it can’t be ignored. It was pointed out that /news is totally cool with, and finds stereotyping funny. The story was that a school apologized for serving watermelon and fried chicken for Black History Month, and reddit exploded with laughter and confusion about why the school was apologizing.
Because the links in War of the Weather were a year old, some people were probably reluctant to upvote. However, the anti-winter storm names jerk is apparently still going strong. The Weather Channel gets a lot of hate on Reddit. The jerk has gotten to the point where people just say “Naming winter storms is really dumb”, but that’s all that is contributed.
We also saw a dramatic rise of the creation vs. evolution topic site-wide, thanks to the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate. Truly, this was one of the lowest moments in reddit’s history. How many people can say “Ken Ham is stupid” or “Ken Ham had no chance against Bill Nye”? A lot. There were thousands of comments that all said the exact same thing, coming from people that surely did not watch that 2-hour, extremely cringy debate. There are no words for how awful reddit was in the days after the debate, but it made me seriously contemplate deleting my reddit accounts and leaving this website. I was pretty upset.
We need to get to Russia and the Olympics. Let’s start with Putin – reddit apparently admires Putin.
He may be a total dick, but I can't help but like the guy
The trend was that he may be corrupt and a horrible person, but since he looks very manly and serious, he’s a likeable guy. The Olympics in Sochi has spawned all sorts of circlejerking. There’s been a lot of talk on reddit and IRL about how awful Russia/Sochi is, but several /Pics have proven that reddit was way off on this. Manliness – Reddit’s obsession with Putin’s manliness was a good start, but the AskReddit thread “What is the manliest thing you have ever done?” really topped it off. Cigars + beards + whiskey = man.
Good guy p4r4digm made Circlebrokers a phenomenal Chrome extension that replaces the word 'news' with “news” (with the quotation marks). Thanks!
The mods of /ImGoingToHellForThis did an AMA and Circlebrokers managed to make Circlebroke look like a very unwelcome and disrespectful place. Good job guys.
The mods of /SubredditDrama did an AMA and it was 500 comments of inside jokes and meta references, which made it a fairly unwelcome thread. It was a step up from the IGTHFS AMA, but it felt like a bunch of friends getting together for the first time in a year and drinking beer and eating popcorn. It wasn’t that bad, but if CB moderators would have backed off it would be more interesting.
Bitcoin - The Bitcoin circlejerk is still raging. Mt. Gox, one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges, had to halt transactions and cited a (gasp) error in Bitcoins code. For /Bitcoin, this was outrageous. Bitcoin is perfect!!! Then, Mt. Gox suddenly shut down, spawning a tremendous dramawave. Also, someone in /Bitcoin got iPhone users to smash their phones (because Apple announced they don’t like Bitcoin or something) by promising them new Nexus phones. How childish is that?
Literally Hitler - Obama, Steve Jobs, and FDR are as bad as Hitler, but Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy.
Culinary Arts/Food - kichenproblems shined light on cooking circlejerks. The main ones are: infatuation with cast-iron skillets, the Millard reaction, Alton Brown, and medium-rare steak (if you don’t eat your steak that way you don’t know anything). And apparently there’s an anti-steak sauce jerk. These jerks are a result of redditors being “experts” when it comes to cooking.
Some subreddits that have been brought to Circlebroke’s attention:
/AnarchoCaptialism – They jerked about how horrible the Olympics are because the games are nationalist.
/Android – They hate Samsung. A lot.
/aww – Lots of people name their pets after pop-culture references. Harmless, but it got some people fired up.
/daddit – “For geek, nerd or neuro-atypical dads.” This parenting subreddit is mostly image posts of kids with some text posts here and there. It’s typical reddit but specialized for fathers.
/Dallas – Some people were making fun of conservatives. It shouldn’t be surprising that redditors lean liberal, but it may be an interesting subreddit to examine. It’s surely only a matter of time before conservatives are crowded out of the subreddit.
/Glitch_in_the_Matrix – The problem is that the userbase will upvote anything, no matter how dumb it sounds. However, the subreddit itself is as harmless as woahdude, so it’s not really a concern.
/okcupid – Online dating site worked for two people. The couple posted to that subreddit and Reddit couldn’t let them be happy
/OutOfTheLoop – Due to the massive spike in the userbase (+20k in a day), the quality sharply declined. Several posts feel like they’ve been “brigaded” by circlejerkers. That may have happened in the past, I’m not sure. The real issue is that many questions are way too specific to be a part of “the loop” and many questions would be better suited for ELI5. I’m sure the quality will be back to normal in no time.
/SquaredCircle – A subreddit dedicated to professional wrestling. For whatever reason they had an episode of nostalgia and were pretty unhappy about the current state of pro wrestling. Actually, “unhappy” is an understatement; that subreddit was hysterical.
/Weather – See above
/WhereDidTheSodaGo – The userbase really wanted to beat up a kid they saw in a gif because he looked like someone you “just want to hit”. They also called him autistic looking and wanted to beat him up with a baseball
Other Notes: There haven’t been many “Circlebroke is literally SRS” comments lately. Similarly, not many people have been complaining about Circlebroke integrity quality, which is good. It’s funny because image posts on Circlebroke made people go nuts, so link posts were banned, but Circlebrokers don’t mind when people write [Low Effort] posts (i.e. a link to the thread and a few sentences of ranting)
So that's it.
Here's my Personal favorite post of February
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Bitcoin halving, when mining rewards are cut in half, is part of Satoshi Nakamoto's design of the cryptocurrency. But it's hard to predict the price impact. To those familiar with first generation cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum can seem overly complex. There are several new concepts to learn including gas, Turing-complete smart contracts, gas limit, gas price, among others. Meanwhile Bitcoin is The halting problem states that no algorithm is able to determine whether any other algorithm will finish executing one day. That is, computers are unable to know whether another computer will halt or not, for all problems given. If you exclude the halting problem from the computer’s programming system, then you can avoid this pitfall and software becomes verifiable. Software which is ... In the face of a successful DDoS attack, there is no threat of stolen funds or compromised security, simply a halting of network activity. Bitcoin’s Backlog Blues. However, while not a security risk, this interruption of service can be used for other agendas. There’s something of a saga when it comes to “spam” transactions (DDoSing the network with lots of transactions) and Bitcoin ... It bitcoin its based on the kb of the transaction. In ether, its based on how much computation is required (which is quantified by gas). In my opinion, it is a better currency than bitcoin because it has much shorter block times and will ultimately be more secure once Casper is implemented. Otherwise, it has identical properties to bitcoin as a currency.

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