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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 47. Chapters: Community currencies, Private currencies, Local currency, Local Exchange Trading Systems, Ithaca Hours, Silvio Gesell ... Bitcoin The Crypto Currency Craze The Application of Anti-Money Laundering Requirements to Alternative Currencies Written by: Dominic Suszek . Page 2 of 41 About the Author Dominic Suszek is the founder and CEO of Global RADAR®. With more than 25 years of hands-on experience in the evolving global regulatory landscape in the financial services sector, Mr. Suszek has gained ... Bitcoin is just the poster currency for a growing movement of alternative tender . April 10, 2013. By Scott Smith. Like the trillion-dollar platinum coin several months ago, Bitcoin has jumped ... Alternative currency evangelists have long had a tough, uphill battle to fight. Despite some notable current examples, including Berkshares, Chiemgauer, and Brixton Pound, many community currencies have a hard time getting started, and gradually fizzle out after time due to lack of enthusiasm. Bitcoin, on the other hand, hasn’t stopped growing. Why is this? What can we learn? An alternative currency must eventually decouple from both “dollars” but the more urgent need by far is decoupling from the dollar as a means of payment. As I’ve pointed out in my books, an alternative currency that is issued on the basis of a national currency paid in (e.g., sold for dollars), amounts to a “gift certificate” or localized “traveler’s check.” (See Money ...

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Chiemgauer und Brakteaten vs Bitcoin

Annoyed at Coinbase? Check out some of these alternative gateways from fiat currency. You can use these to buy Bitcoin. Gemini: Local Bitc... The best way to buy bitcoin instantly with fiat currency, in my opinion, is on Cash App (affiliate): Or, you can enter the invit... Make 3 times as much mining with alternatives to bitcoin! Check out more at An anonymous, trans-national network manages an Internet-based "crypto-currency" that many say is untraceable and uncontrollable. Bitcoin is a currency designed four years ago by an pseudonymous ... Christian Gelleri explains the Chiemgauer, the largest and most successful regional currency (Regiogeld) in Bavaria, Germany. Part of the CCS conference series.