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I'm not sure what my instability issues are, motherboard, or nvme drive, or cpu maybe? Hard-lockups, blue screens, exacerbated by drive writing.

System Specs: 32gb DDR4 3200mhz AMD Ryzen 5 3600 ADATA 1tb NVME drive. 750 watt EVGA Bronze PSU NVidia 970 GTX (which also crashes, but that's not the issue here - it was an old bitcoin GPU a friend sold me on the cheap, was the only thing I could afford) MSI Gaming Plus x570 Motherboard Stock cooling (air) Windows 10 2019 LTSC
I've actually already replaced the ADATA NVME drive once -- a couple of months back it just up and died completely. Upon replacing it, things were stable for a while (a while being...about a month and a half), but I'm getting random lockups now, and issues that seem to point to the ADATA NVME drive, or...maybe the motherboard? I've already RMAd the NVME drive once...I'm afraid I'm SOL on doing it a second time. It's not a Gen4 drive, according to CrystalDiskInfo, it's running at PCI-E 3.0x4 lanes. S.M.A.R.T. isn't reporting anything erroneous. CrystalDiskMark reports about 2k MB/s sequential reads @ 1MiB (top test), and ~800MB/s write when I benchmark it.
Really the problem reared its ugly head as I was doing an update to a game yesterday evening. It was a 3gb update, followed with an "optimization" which basically reads and then rewrites the game files sequentially on the disk. This is basically 30gb worth of rewriting, and it really brought out the machine locking up while it was doing its thing.
As I watched on my task manager, the drive went from 20MB/s writes, down to 8MB/s, down to 1MB/s, up until the machine essentially stopped responding. The NVME drive was warm, but I bought a really beefy heatsink for this thing after the first one died; taking insane care putting it together and making sure this one was pampered.
Randomly I'll come home these past few weeks with Windows 10 on a screen saying it couldn't repair the boot device, or that a boot device wasn't found, and I've even gotten a "NON_PAGED_POOL" error once which made me think I had a RAM issue.
I've thrown memtest on a USB stick and ran it over night with nothing to show for it. So at the very least I'm pretty sure my RAM is fine.
After last night, lockup after lockup, I moved the NVME drive down from the top slot above the GPU (it...gets a little toasty there, but not uncomfortably so.) down to the slot below it.
So far, in 24hrs, I haven't gotten any random crash - but that may just be luck. I've had strings of a day or two where nothing happened. My problem is - I don't know what I should be distrustful of at this point. The NVME drive that died was in the top slot of this motherboard. I seem to maybe, have possibly resolved it by putting it in the bottom slot...should I RMA the motherboard? The drive? I've heard something about the top NVME slot being connected directly to the CPU and the bottom one having to go through a PCI-E controller instead or something? -- I don't know details on that exactly, but could the CPU be the issue with the top nvme slot?
So now I'm kinda freaking out, wondering if I've gotta rebuild this stupid thing with an RMA'd mobo, or if the motherboard is even the culprit at all anyhow. Fans are all max, running them balls-out because I thought it could be a heat issue at some point.
At this point, I'm kind of at a loss and I'm becoming really disappointed in this new machine I built for myself - it's unstable, it's also the local minecraft server for my kids, and it keeps causing me issues.
Edit: Has the latest bios. I updated that when it came out. No overclocking going on with the board at all; I bought the x570 for future expansion in mind... also sorry about my writing - I have gray-matter memory issues and sometimes I'll repeat myself or make a sentence read weird. Ask for any clarification and you'll get it.
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